Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goodbye my friend

My dear friend Daud Abu Kassim (picture) passed away around 4am this morning after sufferering a heart attack at his home in Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya.

According to his daugher, Norsyeena, he was brought to the Assunta Hospital after he fell uncouncious at his home. He died on the way to the hospital. He was 62 year old.

Daud leaves behind wife, Normah Mohamed and three daughters - Noreen (31), Nordiana (28) and Norsyeena (26). Noreen is married with two children.

His remains will be taken to his late mother's house at 32, Jalan Hamzah in Kampung Baru. According to Norsyeena, he is expected to be buried in Kampung Baru later in the day.

(For details, please call Norsyeena at 0123181060)

"He fell sick after coming back from Bandung on 4 Dec. And this morning he fell uncouncious and we rushed him to the hospital.."

I have known Daud since 1982. He is very, very passionate about cycling and would speak out againts anyone whom he felt was damaging the sport. He and a few friend were instrumental in forming the Federal Territory Cycling Association, which is undoubtly the most active and financially strong cycling association.

Although he did not hold any position at national level, he had much influence in cycling. Most state associations seek his advise on practically every matter. Daud knew the rules and regulations of cycling - national and international - and no one could take him for a ride.

He also had a good relationship with cycling associations and clubs in Indonesia and the Philippines. Daud also had a cordial relationship with the media, not just the sportswriters, but also the top editors, who often visit him at his office in Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur.

His office, was not a place where he ran his businesses, but also a centre of activity for cycling matters. I have personally seen how he got jobs for cyclist, saw to it that they got good promotions and salary. I also know of the many people he helped put in top posts, through his connections with the people in power.

Daud has plenty of friends from all walks of life. It was very common to see a high ranking civil servant, a politician or senior police officers in his office. And, those who vist him include the normal man in the street, including journalists.

I have known Daud be firm in his stand, a man who never walked away from a fight. He loved sport, he loved his friends and most of all he loved his family dearly.

As a rookie reporter, it was Daud who taught me about cycling, a highly technical sport.

Of late, Daud had one major complain. Many ex-cyclists and officials have bicycle shops or businesses related to cycling. And they jostle with each other to be appointed as coach or manager of teams. He was not happy with their motives in wanting to be part of any team.

On 11 Nov, the other Daud in cycling, former national cyclist, Daud Ibrahim passed away after being involved in a road accident.   

My condolence to his family. Sports, especially cycling, has lost an influential and passionate official. I have lost a good and dear friend. May his soul rest in peace.


  1. Dear Joe Marcose,

    I was recently told by my good friend, En Ibrahim Abu Bakar about your blog.

    I read in this mornings NST about the passing on of my good friend En Daud Kassim.

    I had a few minutes this morning and I thought I will visit ur blog.

    Daud's family lived opposite my wife's parents' home in SS 1, Kampong Tunku. Our parents rented out their house and moved in only in June 1992 when our son was born to be near us since we lived in SS 4. Being a national athlete and one who starts the morning papers from the sports page, I recognised En Daud Kassim immediately and introduced myself.

    We had many chats about Malaysian Sports but I never expected him to leave us so soon as I had many more questions for him on how to improve Malaysian Sports from an administrative point of view which is my main area of interest at this moment in time.

    He was a wonderful neighbour to my parents family. We never missed any invitations to his home and will continue to go when invited.

    May God Almighty bless his family.
    Kuldip Singh s/o Durbara.