Monday, October 18, 2010

Top marks for FAM

The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has earned top marks among seven National Sports Associations (NSA) that were listed under category A in a list of 22 sports associations.

Former Sports Commissioner Datuk Nik Mahmud Nik Yusuf said apart from FAM, six other NSAs - Table Tennis Association of Malaysia (TTAM), Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF), Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM), Malaysia Golf Association (MGA), Malaysian Amateur Basketball Association (MABA) and Malaysian Sepaktakraw Association (PSM).

"All seven NSAs under Category A or those who received 80 per cent points and above for best administration under a system carried out by the Sports Commissioner's Office from January to August," Nik Mahmud told Bernama at his office recently.

Nik Mahmud who replaced Tan Sri Elyas Omar on April 14, 2008 said the SC's office had carried analyzed 22 of the 26 NSAs in klang valley on their efficiency in following their constitution, budget, financial report, holding annual general meeting and other activities.

According to Nik Mahmud, NSAs under Category B or NSAs who received 70 per cent points and above were the National Shooting Association of Malaysia (NSAM), National Archery Association of Malaysia (NAAM), Malaysian Rugby Union (MRU) and Malaysian Amateur Boxing Federation.

NSAs under Category C or NSAs who received 55-69 per cent marks were Malaysian Gymnastics Federation (MGF) while the Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress was placed under Category D under the 40 per cent marks list.

The Baseball Federation of Malaysia (BFM) and Malaysian Rowing Association (MRA) were listed under Category E with less that 39 per cent marks or less while the rest on the list received lower marks.

Nik Mahmud said last year, about half of the NSAs did not submit their annual reports to the SC's office.
He added that the findings would be forwarded to the Youth and Sports Ministry for rating purposes. -- BERNAMA.


  1. Datuk Nik,
    What about OCM how did they fare. Okay they may not be the NSA but they are sports body controlling all those NSA. You must have a rating system from them also la. Criteria to consider OCM are, transparency, whether they followe their constituition, inteference in sports body, follow OLympic Charter especially retirement age. Level of bull shiot they dish out to Malaysian public like (Dragon Boat people).
    Maybe a rating system also good for IOC to know how their NOC performing in Malaysia.

  2. Hello Anonymous, don't you know that the OCM introduced a rating system for all National Sports Associations but which cannot be applied to themselves!Maybe the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the MSN, the ISN and the Sports Commisioner's Office should come out with a Rating System for OCM before giving them all the annual grants. And check their accounts with a fine tooth comb to find out what is happening to all the money they collect every it used for the purpose for which it is claimed? Whatever else it is used for it is certainly not used to assist any of its members.

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