Friday, June 11, 2010

Maradona's secret weapon

Diego Maradona's secret weapon to bring the World Cup to Argentina has arrived in South Africa- his grandson Benjamin.

Ole reported the toddler's arrival in Johannesburg together with mother Giannina, who is married to Sergio Aguero, and grandmother Claudia. The trip was not without its difficulties however as on arriving the passengers had to wait an hour on the runway staying in the plane, as officials checked the flight list for potential barra brava.

Maradona is famously superstitious, and it is not unusual to see him prowling the dugout with rosary beads in hand as he manages the Seleccion.

Recently though he took it a step further- in a press conference he referred to his grandson as a 'cabala'- good luck charm in Argentine Spanish. And with his family in the stands for the first game, Benjamin included, confidence is sure to be sky-high for at least one member of the Argentine World Cup camp.

Can Benjamin inspire grandad's team to World Cup glory?

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