Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You are not invited

Many have been invited to attend the Annual Dinner of Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) this week. Many too have been struck of the list for reasons known only to the person who quitely carried out his the striking -off act.

The names struck off include those who have served in OCM and the list, I am told, got a bit longer this time. But, I am sure the President, Tunku Imran Tuanku Jaafar is not aware of this and would never get involved in such a thing.

I think two paragraph is enough because it is sickening. And, these are the people who want to plan a five year stratergy. Are you surprised that sports is going down the drains? Sheesh.


  1. Why should anybody be surprise about not being invited to the OCM dinner. It has to be expected that only the people who will say 'yes' and nod their heads will be there as you know who, will ensure that the ones who go against his will not be remembered. Thank god that he is not asking the NSAs to name the people who will be attending or else one can be assured that the list of name will be scrutinised.

  2. Dear Fairplay,

    Don't be a sour grape, if you or those not invited by OCM for their Annual Dinner so let in be. Please understand that OCM is run by their Board members and I am sure the lists are vetted and approved by them. Why are you making excuses for the President? He does not need excuses, he is part of the system.
    Do not hint or try to suggest that there is a Machiavillian hand in dropping those names. Call a spade a spade, if you know who in particular in OCM is doing it name him. Then we can tell you why he is dropping those names.

  3. Why pick on OCM as MSN is the same and only those who play ball with them, do not criticise them are invited for the Shakam or National Sports Awards. Have you or your blogger friends ever received invites from MSN for their functions or press conferences? It is the same story as in OCM so really what is there to be upset as after all Malaysian sports sucks.

  4. tarzan, its not that sour grapes come to play. Its just that the people who have sat in the OCM should be appreciated for the time they have spent in their tenor of office. No invites is not the problem as then all the other people who have served should get the same treatment. Than you can call it fair.

  5. The Malaysian Sports Scene needs a revolution.

  6. Hear!Hear! Ms. Olympism, let's start with OCM and remove that corrupted , cruel and interferring old man first and then the dead woods will fall off one by one.