Saturday, January 23, 2010

Karim sacks Sri Murigak

The General Manager of Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) Sri Murigak Madhavan was given a 24 hour notice and told to leave the organization earlier this month.

Sri Murigak (picture), when contacted, confirmed that he was asked to leave by Deputy President and de facto head of MAAU, Karim Ibrahim.

"I was given a 24 hour notice, the office locks were changed, the computer which I have been using was dismantled and all my files taken away. The staffs were told that I was not to be allowed into the office," said Sri Murigak.

He served MAAU for 13 months. His last day as GM of MAAU was 5 January 2010.

"Some people in MAAU drafted a letter on 30 Dec 2009, requesting National Sports Council to terminate my services and to appoint a new General Manager. The letter was backdated to 21 Dec, the day they came back from Laos. I should be given one month notice by MAAU or NSC.

"I was promised a salary of RM4,000. NSC to pay RM3,000 and MAAU RM1,000. I never got the payment from MAAU. I had no pay till May 2009 when NSC started paying my salary. MAAU paid my December 2008 salary in late January 2009," said Murigak, the third GM to leave MAAU.

When asked about his next move, Sri Murigak said that he will wait for directives from the NSC before making any decisions. As GM, Sri Murigak is on the payroll of NSC, who has the sole right to decide on his employment.

Karim could not be reached for comments.

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