Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Any agenda?

Having agendas' are now becoming great past times for some sports in Malaysia. And the agendas don't seem to have any bearing for the future of the sport concerned. Just, for the sake of change...lets change and blame the person or persons concerned.

Well. for now, I may have to live with the agendas but one day I hope to write about it. The agendas in sports, now a great past time that seem to be destroying sports.I have been in sports writing since in 1980 s and I am not an expert and many youngsters claim but I am happy that that there have the confidence to to move ahead and learn  from the right sources. 

Learn from the the experts and sincere people. Not from stylish people who only know how to dress up, and manipulate and talk. That's my advise and you can't go wrong. Most of all you won't have an agenda to fill some one stomach.

Soon, Malaysia will kick start the Asian Cup Qualifiers campaign, playing with Qatar and the great ones.  Anybody planning any agenda against anybody?  Ready to blame some one or some people? Why not spend some time looking back and at the previous scores. Obviously we can go on falling back but there also should be no reason not to fight hard and reach and new level of play.

Lately, I keep hearing of "bosses" wanted this story and so on and so on. I also have been a Sports Editor and like many other friends we don't write or publish nonsense. So, let's be far sighted, have no agendas, write what is right and be sincerely.

Be it weight lifting, badminton, hockey or soccer the story looks like the same. I remember, about early 80 s, one one the big bosses scolded and rookie writer for having agendas when he was reporting and the the man said, you should be writing about "laga lembu" (no offence meant) and not football. Have things changed?

If you are not willing to sincere and passionate, then I suggest that stay at home and do the "laga ". We can be wrong but be sincere, don't carry agendas.

The 2007 AFC Asian Cup champions Iraq are scheduled to play friendly match against Malaysia in Dubai six days before they take on Indonesia on 6 February 2013 in the AFC Asian Cup 2015 qualifiers.

Iraq, who appointed new head coach Hakeem Shakir last month after they parted company with Brazilian Zico, are currently playing in the Gulf Cup 2013 in Bahrain.

The West Asians are favourites to progress from Group C which features two-time AFC Asian Cup champions Saudi Arabia, China and Indonesia.

Malaysia are also planning numbers of international matches for the preparations of the AFC Asian Cup 2015 qualifiers. Three West Asian nations Qatar, Bahrain and Yemen are the other sides of Group D. The Malaysians will travel to Doha to face Qatar on 6 February 2013.

Continental powerhouses Japan, Australia and Korea Republic, who finished as the top three teams in the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011™, 2012 AFC Challenge Cup champions DPR Korea and the winners of the 2014 AFC Challenge Cup will earn automatic qualification for the event in Australia.

Besides, a total of 20 teams have been divided into five groups of four teams each. The top two teams from each group and the best third-placed team among all the groups will qualify for the tournament proper in Australia in 2015.

(......more to come)

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