Friday, April 13, 2012

How about it?

Manchester United defeated Wigan 1-0 and Manager Alex Ferguson feels his team is ready to win the league for the 20th time. Good for them.

While watching the match I noticed that technology has become an important part of football. The referee and his officials use gadgets to communicate, hopefully with themselves, and the team officials are also wired for some reason. Good for them and also the company the manufactures them.

How about moving a few steps ahead? Maybe a microphone (with a stand) be placed at the technical box for both the coaches to shout instructions to their players and this can be connected to the sound system at the stadium for that the fans can hear!

Then football will have great entertainment value, possibly drawing sponsors from wrestling. How about it? No.....  The coaches also will be to go some special courses on how to say the things to attract the crowd. How about it?

In some parts of the world, astonishing scores leave fans wondering who actually won the match which they just saw - the pool, the runner, the team of someone else.

Thank God in Malaysia we do not have problems like this because we have bloggers who would expose such happenings.

A few months before I left the newspaper scene, a top local athletics coach said this to me: "Athletes are already jumping, running and throwing at their best. Maybe in future steroids, should be allowed and we can measure achievements by how well an athlete combines this ability with proper usage of steroids"

Well, maybe in athletics, the tournament director can be give a mike for running, jumping and throwing commentary to entertain the crowd. Maybe the the crowd will come and tickets sales will be tremendous. But, please be careful, some might have extra entertainment by selling old tickets!

How about it? Just some thoughts this April morning. I have good friend who was actively involved in athletics, cycling and some other sports. He always says: "If not, why not."

Folks, will start posting actively this blog. Time to laugh..

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