Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nurdin barred

FIFA has banned Nurdin Halid from running as a candidate in the Indonesia Football Association’s (PSSI) upcoming elections, says the Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland.

Nurdin, the PSSI’s current chairman, is unable to run for reelection for the 2011-2015 term because it goes against FIFA statutes on convicts, said Ambassador Joko Susilo on Tuesday night.

According to Joko, FIFA president Sepp Blatter made the ruling during a meeting in Zurich on Tuesday.

“Sepp Blatter said FIFA upholds the statutes that states a convict cannot lead a football organization,” Joko said, adding that he had explained the situation to Blatter.He said Blatter was well aware of the crisis that embroiled the PSSI.

“If Nurdin is reelected, FIFA won’t legitimize the election result. They want Indonesian football to be much better,” Joko said. FIFA is slated to send a team to Jakarta to monitor the election.

Last week, FIFA ordered the PSSI organize a general assembly for March 26 in order to designate an electoral committee, which would have until April 30 to organize an election.

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  1. This is Sepp Blatter, no nonsense, no double standard. Just like what he did no Brunei who dare to just remove the Brunei FIFA recognised member.So Brunei is an Independent country, it matters not to FIFA. I do hope more International Federation will be more decisive like that.
    With this iron hand ruling you will not get little napoleon bulling the NSA.